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Who is Neslihan Şahin?

Sometimes there is a job prepared for you before you were born

And sometimes your job chooses you even though you don't choose it.That colorful world that you open your eyes to works that it becomes your walking path to your soul, it becomes your whole life. With love, with endless loyalty and devotion.

This is exactly how my story with cosmetic products begins..

I opened my eyes to life in ‘’Kozaş Kozmetik A.Ş.’’, one of the first and oldest cosmetics manufacturer companies in Turkey. When the time came, my father joined the cosmetic journey that my grandfather started, and my sister and I took our first steps into this shining world.

Colors, fragrances and colorful cosmetics that reflect the shining world of woman.

While many different cosmetic products were being prepared around me, I watched the birth processes with curiosity, I grew up inhaling those most beautiful scents. I grew up witnessing the miracles of existence and gained experience. In the end, just like my family, I gave my heart to this sector.

First of all, I would like to say that this illuminated world has a long history of existence and a struggle to survive. 

So much so that it requires a lot of self-sacrifice, effort and the sum of the experience that will take years. But Not Enough. It requires consciousness that does not forget that human health is the most important. Sensitivity, follow-up, labor, science and constantly renewing and developing are the most important steps of this long journey.

I started my education life with this consciousness and awareness. 

I started my education life with this consciousness and awareness. With the desire to be a worldly person and to satisfy my appetite for knowledge, I graduated from Semmelweis University Faculty of Pharmacy in 2012 with the title of Dr. Pharmacist. I was now a pharmacist, a member of the European Pharmacists Association.

During my student life, I attended many trainings and congresses about cosmetic products.

In this process, my path crossed with an Italian Consultant who is an expert in the regulation of Cosmetic Products. That day and afterwards, I would be aware of what was going on behind the scenes of cosmetics.

The road led me to Italy this time. 

I worked in a consultancy firm on European Cosmetics Regulation and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Manufacturer/Importer companies for about a year. Also, during my stay in Italy, I worked in the R&D and export departments of a global company that produces professional cosmetic products.

Now it was time to return to the Country.

After returning to Turkey, I started and graduated from Yeditepe University Cosmetology Master's degree. After my graduation, I started my PhD program at Yeditepe University Toxicology Department and graduated successfully in 2023.

During my bachelor, master and doctorate studies, I attended many trainings, congresses and seminars in Turkey and abroad, including the European Cosmetics Regulation, export of cosmetics to Europe, Safety assessment in cosmetic products.

I got intensive training on safety in cosmetic products and perfume in Brussels and France.

For two years, I worked as a columnist under my DOTTORESSA column name in Milliyet Newspaper Pembenar Ve Cadde.

In order to contribute to the Turkish Cosmetics Industry, we came together with important subjects and valuable guests by undertaking the production and moderatorship of the program called 'Turkish Cosmetics Industry with Neslihan Sahin'.

I have been a speaker at the Faculties of Pharmacy of many universities.

I am still a visiting professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Istinye University.

I have companies in Europe and England for the export of cosmetic products.

Currently, I provide professional consultancy services together with my expert team that I have trained, these are notification of cosmetic products to many domestic and foreign cosmetic manufacturers/importers in Turkey, preparation of PIF (Product Information File), Responsible Technical Personnel (RP), cosmetics exports to Europe, CPNP notifications, Europe Responsible Person services, UK product registrations, UK Responsible person services.

I am a member of the board of directors of Kozaş Kozmetik AŞ. We are happy to serve you with our 70 years of experience and knowledge in your contract manufacturing services.

In addition, I provide private consultant training for institutions and individuals in order to train the consultants of the future.