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Are You Worthy of What You Have?

To have and to be worthy… The magical world of words has always fascinated me. While they have different meanings when considered separately, their meanings change when they come together, and they take on deeper and richer meanings. They are so magical that they are like chameleons that can adapt to any area you want to describe. They dance in harmony with their purpose of existence.

At this point, these two beautiful words made me think. “How worthy are we of what we have?” he said.

And that's how today's topic developed.
So our topic is; what we have and how worthy we are of them.

I mean, of course, our skin.

To have beautiful skin:

– Sleep regularly: Our skin, which is responsible for protecting itself from external factors during the day, leaves its place to renewal and repair during night sleep. Therefore, do not neglect sleep.

Dengeli ve yeterli beslenin: Beslenme dendiğinde akla, acıkan karnınızı doyurmak değil, cildin ve vücudun ihtiyacı olan besin
öğelerini yeterli miktarda tüketmek gelmelidir ki; vücut sağlığı korunabilsin. Arzu edilen pürüzsüz, sağlıklı, nemli ve canlı bir cilde
sahip olunabilsin.

– Cleanse your skin twice a day: In order to ensure the lively, bright and elastic appearance of a normal healthy skin, skin cleansing should not be interrupted. This small ritual, which should be repeated twice a day, in the morning and evening, is essential in cleaning the dead layer of the skin and renewing it, and preventing the formation of acne and blackheads by getting rid of comedones.

– Protect from the sun: The effect of sun rays on the skin is not dependent on temperature changes or seasonal differences. For this reason, we need to be protected from the sun's rays in summer and winter. Because these ultraviolet rays damage the skin. This is one of the main causes of premature aging and wrinkles.

– Moisturize, moisturize more: The secret of skin that maintains its elasticity and integrity is moisture. When the skin is dehydrated, its durability decreases and it wears out very quickly. This creates fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize the skin at regular intervals. In addition to the use of moisturizing creams, moisture masks and intensive moisturizing skin care applied at certain periods will also give the skin a great comfort and shine.

– Consume plenty of water: Consuming enough water during the day will help the skin to function properly by balancing the moisture rate; It will also be supportive for a more vibrant looking skin. At this point, it should be noted that the amount of water to be taken per day varies according to the movement capacity and body mass. Remember, the biggest determining factor in treatment is the appropriate dose. Excess of everything is no good; is harm.

– Stay away from smoking: In people who smoke, the oxygen needed by the skin is insufficient due to the narrowing of the vessels and the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood. The skin, which cannot get enough oxygen, cannot be fed well. Thus, drying, flaking and early wrinkles begin to form on the skin. Remember, by smoking you give up both your health and your beauty. Try to quit as soon as possible.

-Smile: The weapon that will make you feel the best is your smile. In return for a smile, your skin will improve and smile back at you.

Seven golden rules to be worthy of your beauty:

– Believe it.

– Be consistent.

– Do not down your mod.

– Don't stop smiling.

– Love yourself and what you have.

– Trust yourself and what you can do.

– Make protecting what you deserve your life philosophy.

I wish you to always have all the beauties and to be worthy of them, may your beauty be forever.

Dr. Ecz. Neslihan Şahin